Periodic Table Games


This site tests your knowledge of the periodic table. At this time, the games require Internet Explorer 4 or higher with Internet Explorer 5 recommended. They will not execute with other browsers. Versions to run on Netscape are under development. The interface and operation are fairly straightforward. To start the game, first select the level of play from beginning (limited elements) up thru expert (103 elements). Then press press "Load Game". This page will be replaced by a new page containing a "Start/restart" button, a blank periodic table, a timer and cells which show hits and misses. Once you begin the game, atomic symbols will begin falling to the right of the periodic table. You must click on the appropriate spot on the table before the symbol reaches the bottom. If the click the right position, the symbol appears on the table. The game will continue until the periodic table has been filled.


Scoring is determined by a combination of elapsed time and misses. A miss is recorded if you click on the wrong spot in the table or if the symbol goes all the way to the bottom without your finding it in the table. For each miss, two seconds are added to the time.

Submitting your Score

When you successfully finish a level, you will be asked if you wish to submit your score. If you answer yes, a new page will appear. Follow the instructions. A database and list will will be maintained for all who submit results and the top ten scores at each level will be shown in a "Hall of Fame", assuming at least ten people give this a try. To share the glory, you can only appear on one of the top ten lists.
Select a level
Level 1(elements 1 to 18)
Level 2(elements 1 to 18 + all of Groups IA,IIA,VIIB,VIII)
Level 3(elements 1 to 36 + all of Groups IA,IIA,VIIB,VIII)
Level 4(All of the representative elements + first transition series)
Level 5(All of the representative elements + all three transition series)
Level 6(The entire table to element 103)