Synthesis of Trisubstituted Benzenes

This page provides practice in synthesizing trisubstituted benzenes. Execution requires Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 5 and should have a minimum 800x600 screen size. The goal is proper synthetic sequences, not experimental details. When you press "New Synthesis" a synthesis will be shown followed by four pulldown menus and a "Submit" button. Select the steps to be performed in the correct sequence using the menus. You may not need four steps in every case. Press the Submit button to check your answer. Since this is a "beta" page, this frame contains information which will not be shown in the final page. The first two cells, Series and Groups indicate (starting at 12 o'clock) indicate what the groups are and whether it is an op or m director. The numbers 1,2.. correspond to the reactions shown in the pulldowns. The "Proposed reaction sequence" is what the program has chosen. The "Input sequence" is what the user has submitted and will be displayed after the "Submit" button is pressed. If the sequences match, "Correct" appears in the Results cell. The page can recognize acceptable sequences beyond that shown in the cell.

Series Groups
Proposed reaction sequence Input Sequence