Reactions of Aromatics compounds

This section contains a "suite" of pages dealing with reactions of aromatics. The sequence of presentations is fairly straighforward. The first page provides drills in identifying activating and deactivating and "op" and "m" directing groups on monosubstituted benzene. The second page presents drills in assigning the prederred substitution sites in disubsituted benzenes. The third page presents synthetic problems for making disubstituted benzenes and the final page presents synthetic problems with trisubstituted benzenes. All of these pages generated the structures and reactions dynamically and require Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 5. You may encounter a page which specifies Netscape only. If so, that means the IE compatible version is in the works. I've "released" these pages, hoping for feedback to ensure that fully functional and correct versions will be available for the coming academic year. A link for feedback is at the bottom of this page.
Reactivity and sites on monosubstituted benzene
Reaction Sties on disubstituted benzenes
Synthesis of disubstituted benzenes
Synthesis of trisubstituited benzenes
George Wiger
August 16, 1999
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