Reactions on the Fly

This page is intended to test a set of algorithms for the production of the full range of problems based on chemical equations from scratch. It will, hopefully replace the current approach of using large databases for producing problems in equation balancing, stoichiometry, etc. If you've come to this page in response to my request for "beta" testers, I thank you for your time. There still appears to be an occasional glitch in the execution, but I feel that the page executes well enough for me to ask others to look at it. I'm working on the one problem which I have found and I hope that's the only one anyone else encounters. At present, as you will see, the reaction type is somewhat limited, but that will change shortly. What I would like people to do is just execute the page as many times as you can tolerate and see whether it performs properly. The page, as currently set up will display both the question and the answer. There is an email link below for feedback, bug reports, criticisms, etc. Once the program is running properly, it will be available, like everything else here for anyone who wants to use it.

First Select Question Category-Clicking on the circle in front of the category starts the execution.

Balancing Equations
Basic Stoichiometry
Limiting Reagents
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Percent Yield and Limiting Reagent
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