General Plot Function

This set of pages contains a general plotting function, internally documented, for use with WWW pages. Unlike other approaches, it does not require JAVA and can be easily modified to suit needs. It does use dynamic html and requires Netscape 4.x or better. The actual setup requires three web pages:"startplotfunction.html" which is just a framed page loader;"plotinstructions.html" which is the page you're reading now; and "plotfunction.html" which is the source of the button you see in the top frame and which contains the routines for generating the plots. Since all of these are small html documents, I haven't bothered to bundle them as a .zip file. The easiest way to get them is simply use your "Save File" and "Save Frame" functions on your browser. You will want to save all three. How this all works is fairly straightforward. The "start.." file simply loads the instruction sheet into the bottom frame and the executables into the top frame. Pressing the button in the top frame generates a new page dynamically containing the plot and loads it into the bottom frame. All of the code to generate the plot is in in "plotfunction.html" and, hopefully, documented internally sufficiently to let anyone use it in their pages. If this sort of exercise interests you, I'd first save backup copies of all the files somewhere and then try modifying "plotfunction" to see how it works. Backups will be a good idea if you're new to this in case you make an error and can't undo it. I've made plotfunction bare bones and more complex examples of non-JAVA plotting can be seen on this server. In a few days, I publish a version which uses form input to produce the plot. As always, I greatly appreciate feedback, bug reports and anything else as long as it is in the spirit with which this material is made available.