Analyzing NMR spectra

This is a page for practice in using NMR spectra. This version should run properly under requires Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 5. The page is capable of three types of presentations. Each presentation contains brief instructions on its use, but you should read this page carefully before proceeding. To start the page, click on the link below. A new "framed" page will open. In the top frame there will be a three bubble options and an empty cell. The bottom frame will be empty. Clicking on the bubble in front of the option starts the execution. The options are: Note to Netscape users: Of late I have been encountering problems loading complex framed pages into Navigator, if I'm also running Internet Explorer. The problem goes away if I reboot the computer and run Navigator directly without having run IE. The pages always seem to load with IE and there are no errors in the page syntax to cause loading problems. Whether this is a result of some IE/Navigator conflict, I don't know, but it does cause one to ponder.
The current database contains over 150 compounds. When I am satisfied with the performance of the page, I'll bundle it all as a zip file for others to download. To help with this, I would greatly appreciate feedback and have a link below for that purpose. Thanks.
George Wiger
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