Checking for Balance

This page produces both balanced and unbalanced chemical equations in a variety of formats and provides potentiallly unlimited practice in this area. I developed it as a transitional step since going directly to balancing causes students some difficulty and I thought that an exercise such as this might be of value. Thus a student can start with simply learning to recognize an equation as balanced or not balanced and then work up thru balancing some very complex equations. If you've come to this page in response to my request for "beta" testers, I thank you for your time. What I would like people to do is just execute the page as many times as you can tolerate and see whether it performs within general specs. The page, as currently set up will display both the equation and whether or not it is balanced. The answer check is fully functional and you check your answer by either clicking on the circle in front of either Balanced or Not Balanced as appropriate or entering the integer coefficents and pressing the "Submit" button. I am finalizing algorithms for inorganic reactions and will add those to this and the "Reactions on the Fly" page shortly. There is an email link below for feedback, bug reports, criticisms, etc. Once the program is running properly, it will be available, like everything else here for anyone who wants to use it.

First Select a problem type. Clicking on the circle in front of the type begins the execution

Check for Balance
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