Dynamic Structures and Reactions

The pages linked below demonstrate the dynamic generation of organic structures and reactions. In the cases provided here, mono and disubstituted benzenes and the nitration of such compounds is presented. In all cases, the structures and reactions are dynamically generated, rather thatn calling on large databases of graphics files. The purpose of these pages at this time is to illustrate what is possible and also, hopefully, generate some feedback. I do not, personally, teach organic chemistry so I am very interested in the views of those of you who do. In principle, the approach used to generate these pages can be applied to any reaction types and easily incorporated into standard web pages. The only restriction is that at this level, such applications become very browser dependent. These pages require Netscape 4.5. To see any of the pages in action, just follow the link below. Each of the pages has a return link to this page, as well as a feedback. Thanks for visiting.

George Wiger
July 19, 1999

Dynamic Structure Generation
Substitution of monsubstituted benzenes
Substitution of disubstituted benzenes

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