Raoult's Law-Two Volatile Components

This page presents problems involving the vapor pressures of mixtures containing two volatile components. When you press "New Problem", a question will appear to the right of the table. In the question,"Po" is the vapor pressure of the pure material, "P" represents the partial pressure of a component and "X" is a mole fraction. Since there are two mole fractions (liq and vap) possible, these are differentiated by use of the subscripts "liq" and "vap". Thus, the following
means that the partial pressure of the acetone for the solution being discussed is 76 torr and the mole fraction of the diethylether in the vapor is 0.345. Further, in the structuring of the presenting the answer, we use the convention that the first compound mentioned is denoted with the subscript "a" and the second with the subscript "b". Determine the value of the answer, enter it in the cell and press "Check Answer", results appear immediately in the table. For purposes of this exercise, assume that all solutions are ideal. Some of the calculations are fairly complex, so care should be exercised. If you miss a problem three times, pressing "Show Answer" will cause a solution to appear.

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