Modifying the refernece file

The text references and several other "control" are contained in a non-HTML file called "reflist.js". This is simply a text file that is called by all of the pages for common use. It is easily modified to suit. The instructions below should suffice. It is recommended that you make a copy of "reflist.js" before modifying it to protect against errors. Making an error in changing "reflist.js" will not likely be disabling to using the files, but it could cause spurious error messages to be produced.

reflist.js is a simple text file and can be modified using any text editor. A couple of general points should be emphasized Below is the opening section of reflist.js. It contains all of the relevant information. Most of the entries should be self-explanatory. reflist.js begins below
theref=new Array()
comment=new Array()
booktitle="General Chemistry, Seventh Edition... Petrucci and Harwood;MacMillan Publishing
" emaillink="...=''>Feedback to George

" returnlink=" ...='lechelpcs.html'>Back to Top" function setrefs(){ if(ie4){ refspot.innerHTML=booktitle+theref[refnumber]+emaillink+returnlink } else{ document.refspot.document.write(booktitle,theref[refnumber],emaillink,returnlink) document.refspot.document.close() } } //Basic Concept Section //Significant Figures theref[1]="Chapter 1,p.19-23,Fig 1-10(p.20)" comment[1]=""