Electronic Homework System

This is a brief intro to the electronic homework system which is now available for downloading. The system being distributed has been used at CSUDH very successfully for the past two years and is available in two forms. For those who would like to install it on their own servers, we are providing all of the source code for the web pages, the supporting graphic files, the cgi scripts, and instructions needed for a complete local install on a Unix/Linux system. In addition we will provide, hopefully, adequate instructions as well was page templates which can be used for your developing your own pages for addition to the system. For those who don't wish to or can't do local installations, we will provide accounts and space on our systems for your use. There will be no charge to any educational user for any of this material. This work is open to all educators, regardless of level. It is not limited to university faculty. In addition, the lecture help pages, which complement the homework have been updated and are available for either use or downloading. Below I have provided a link to the updated homework site and Lecture Help section. Both the Homework Pages and the new Lecture Help pages are compatible with the current versions of Netscape(3.x and 4.x) and Internet Explorer 4.x. The Lecture Help pages run as a standalone free of any server need, so they can be installed by a student on a computer without need of a WWW connection.
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