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This is the main site dedicated to providing materials to support chemistry education. Hopefully the links below are self explanatory. You are welcomed to visit, link and take. Comments are always welcomed. This work is supported, in part by the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation and by The Hitachi Foundation of America. For new visitors, it's recommended that you start with the New Lecture Help section. Hopefully everyone will find something of interest. If you do find something you'd like to have, feel free to download it. The New Lecture Help system is now available for download. The link is on the list below. Please read the copyright and fair use info first. You cannot download the New Lecture Help files independently as they rely on external libraries. Please contact me about this.
Important Note-a new version of the homework system has been installed. All accounts will be able to use either system or a mixture of the two, as desired. The new system is enhanced considerably.
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Homework Systems New Lecture Help with Detailed Solutions-requires Netscape 4.x or IE5
Download the entire New Lecture Help-zip file
Older Lecture Help-Answers Only
Main Chemistry Server
Organic Chemistry:R and S Configurations,NMR Spectra, Dynamic Structure and Reaction Generation. Aromatic Substitution Reactions, Additions to C=C
New Stuff-,Titration curve,Real time plotting, Reactions on the Fly,Checking for Balance,Formula based problems
Periodic Table Games
The Nine Solution Problem
Attempt at a conceptual chemistry page
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